With each passing win, the Flyers’ odds continue to drop. As one sportsbook insider said, we’ve seen this movie before.

“This is the prototype for a 'book getting beat up,” said Nick Bogdonovich, director of trading for William Hill-US. “A longer shot that gets red-hot and comes in with the higher payouts. Saw that with the Blues [last year when] they flipped their script.”

The Flyers’ odds to win the Stanley Cup opened around 40-1. Bogdonovich said William Hill had no significant liability, but DraftKings is holding interesting action.

They took one bet from an unidentified player for $10,000 at 38-1 (pays $380,000) and another for $2,500 at 40-1 (for 60k). That’ll buy plenty of pucks.

PointsBet said it had only about 7% of Cup bets on the Flyers, with the Devils, Senators, Rangers, Sabres, and Canucks generating more. None of those other five teams are much of a threat at this point, certainly not like the Flyboys.

FanDuel has seen similar action, except the Flyers are 10th in their Cup handle.

The Flyers’ Cup odds are down to an average of 13-1 depending on the outlet. They were riding a seven-game winning streak after a grinding win in Washington on Wednesday brought them to within one point of the Capitals for first place in the Metro Division.

Philadelphia hosts Carolina on Thursday, while the Caps play the Rangers in New York.