Two families, seven brothers, lots of teasing.

What else to name the bar-restaurant that three of them plan to open in the next several weeks in Fairmount but Bad Brother?

It will occupy the corner building at 24th and Meredith Streets that for decades was Bridgid’s before it sank into despair last year as a short-lived tapas bar called Paseo.

Delaware County-bred brothers Nick and C.J. Pund (the oldest of four boys) with chef Justin Koenig (who has two brothers of his own) are behind the venture. They’re maintaining the longtime J-shaped, 16-seat bar and the overall configuration (seating in the snug dining room, as well as upstairs).

Most of all, they say they will reclaim it as a neighborhood destination for solid food and great beers. (Bridgid’s back in the day was a haven for Belgian beer fanciers.)

Koenig, an alum of Craft Hall and Fishtown Brewpub, says his menu will mix more “foodie” fare such as lamb tartare with more traditional dishes.

Fairmount these days happens to be short a couple of bar options as London Grill is in the process of getting a new occupant, as is the short-lived Frankie Ann’s (once Rembrandt’s).