This fall, Lego fans are going to get a chance to take a trip down memory lane at the Brick Bar, a pop-up Lego-themed bar that’s been making stops all around the world.

The Brick Bar will be in Philadelphia from Nov. 22 to 24. The venue has not been announced.

The bar consists of more than million Lego blocks assembled into huge sculptures. There will be piles of blocks on every table for visitors to play with while sipping on an IPA. The bar will also feature building competitions for prizes, a ping-pong competition on a table built with 22,000 Lego blocks, a wishing well and more. Past iterations of the Brick Bar have also included a ball pit and a water fountain made with bricks.

(Brick Bar is not affiliated with Lego, which has taken steps to distance itself from the bar.)

The Brick Bar has sold out events in Melbourne, Sydney, London and Brisbane. Tickets are not yet on sale for the Philly event, but you can sign up at to get notified via email when they do. They cost $25 per person.