Washington’s Skyfall Vineyard’s name was inspired by the unearthly appearance of massive boulders among the vines that appear to have been dropped randomly from the sky. In truth, these car-size rocks were dragged across the terrain by glaciers and stranded by the great Missoula floods which helped to carve a path for the Columbia River Gorge.

Washington’s wine country is in the high and dry part of the state to the south and east, not the rainy Seattle area to the north and west. The dry climate and high elevation give the region a magical recipe for making great wines. Warm, sunny days drive the development of grape sugars, flavors and color compounds, while cold desert nights slow the fruit’s rush to ripeness and preserve key components like natural acidity that are essential to wine’s balance and ability to age.

The vast Columbia Valley appellation is able to make spectacular wines at prices that put California to shame, like this delicious cabernet sauvignon that delivers terrific saturation of flavor without feeling ponderous or clunky with food. Dark wild berry flavors are balanced and enhanced with a layer of dusty cocoa. Try it with a steak, a burger, or even just a chunk of cheddar cheese.

Skyfall Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley, Washington

$14.99; 13.5% alcohol

PLCB Item #35116

Sale price through 6/28 – regularly $16.99

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