Tired Hands Brewing Company has infused a little ’90s nostalgia into one of its Ardmore-based locations, courtesy of a newly added small-scale video game arcade.

Dubbed Dudley’s Joystick Den, the three-game arcade is currently operational in Tired Hands General Store (20 Ardmore Ave.), where fans typically pick up the brewery’s clothing and other swag, as well as their more regularly available beers.

Currently, the game roster includes 1991’s The Simpsons, as well as NBA Jam and Mortal Kombat II, both of which were initially released in 1993. Each game is presented in its respective old school, stand-up arcade game cabinet, and credits will cost 50 cents each, as per a General Store employee. So, don’t forget your quarters.

According to Tired Hands’ Instagram announcement, Dudley’s Joystick Den will be open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. The General Store itself, meanwhile, is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. At the moment, beers available for purchase include the company’s flagship HopHands pale ale, Helles Other People (a Helles lager), Trendler Pilsner, and popular hazy IPA Alien Church.

Dudley’s Joystick Den is the most recent Tired Hands addition in the last few weeks. On Tuesday, the company announced the establishment of a local coffee roasting facility that will be used to roast batches of its own coffee. The idea, Tired Hands wrote in an online announcement, is to roast their own batches of coffee for distribution, as well as sale in its various area locations.

Tired Hands’ coffee news came a couple weeks after news broke that the brewery would be opening its first permanent Philadelphia-based location in the near future. Named St. Oner’s, the restaurant will be located across the street from Tired Hands’ previously established High Harvest Biergarten (2213 Frankford Ave.) at 2218 Frankford Ave.

St. Oner’s, cofounders Julie Foster and Jean Broillet IV told the Inquirer, will help bring Tired Hands’ food to Philly, which beer garden patrons ought to appreciate, considering food was not available there when it opened last year. As Broillet said, “with a beer garden without food, it didn’t make much sense.”

Food at the restaurant will focus on “stony bologna Chinese inspired/classic American” dishes, according to an Instagram post, which Broillet plans to add to with bar food like “mapo tofu hot dogs,” as he told the Inquirer earlier this month.

“We try to control the entire experience,” he said.

Founded in 2011, Tired Hands has since become an oft-discussed brewery in the Philadelphia area, and is known for its popular takes on now-trendy styles like milkshake and hazy IPAs. Its beers are available on tap throughout the Philadelphia region, and the company now delivers bottles of beer through its Dudley Direct bottle delivery service. Its highly coveted cans, which are limited and released weekly, however, are available primarily during drops at the Tired Hands Fermenteria (35 Cricket Terrace).