Still shopping for Dad? Skip the tie in favor of a freezable cup that can keep drinks cold on a hot day, as well as chill room-temperature beer or wine in a few minutes.

Host, a Seattle-based company, sells freezable barware, including wine and margarita glasses. Sold individually or in a set of two, the 16-ounce pint glasses are made of two layers of plastic with cooling gel sandwiched in between.

When stored upside-down in the freezer, the gel freezes within an hour or two and gets cold enough to cool down room-temperature beer, water or anything else without using ice cubes. Each cup is wrapped with an insulated band so that it’s not too cold for Dad to hold while he sips.

The company offers freezing guidelines for different beers, recommending an hour of chilling before using with an IPA, but at least two for lager, stout or porter. — Allison Steele

Freeze Cooling Pint Glasses, $19.99 for a set of two on Amazon; also sold by