Iannelli’s Bakery makes excellent Italian breads, sandwiches, ravioli, and a killer version of the cheeseless pizza specialty known regionally as tomato pie: It’s not too thick, topped with a sauce that’s mild and on the sweet side, surrounding doughy edges that are crispy but not burnt.

What Iannelli’s does not do well are hours.

It’s open at the whim of Vincent Iannelli, who owns the brick-oven bakery that his grandparents founded in 1915 at 1155 E. Passyunk Ave. in South Philadelphia.

He last opened on Sept. 14, filling pickup orders from customers who follow him on Instagram as well as his neighborhood regulars. He will do it again Saturday, Sept. 28, offering not only tomato pie but several items, including stromboli, “gravy,” and ravioli meatball sandwiches. There’s no menu online, either. It’s best to call (215-468-0720) or email (iannellisbakery@gmail.com).

Why the limited hours, which he calls “seasonal”?

“That’s just how it is,” Iannelli, 32, said.

He has other business interests, including handling evictions at houses that have gone into foreclosure. (He frequently bills himself on his @iannellisbakery Instagram account as #propertyguido.)