Jose Pistola’s, the Mexican themer on a corner of the busy 200 block of South 15th Street, is not closing, despite how it may appear this morning.

The sidewalk is blocked off. The front window appears blown out. The upper windows are blacked out. Is this dire?

Relax, co-owner Casey Parker told me. The 19th-century building, which is historically certified, is simply getting facade work, including 13 new windows.

Parker said it will be closed today and is expected to reopen for happy hour Tuesday, Nov. 19.

Pistola’s, named after co-owner Joe Gunn, opened at 263 S. 15th St. in 2007, following the 22-year run of Copa, Too!

Trivia fans may note that prior to Copa, Too!'s opening in 1985, the spot was a restaurant called What’s Cooking, an early gourmet takeout.

Updated to reflect time of reopening.