If you, too, have found yourself laboring every year to concoct a homemade stuffing your family prefers over the Pepperidge Farm kind, then you should work Cake Life Bake Shop, the makers of Beyoncé’s birthday cake, into your Thanksgiving-week agenda. The diabolical pastry chefs at the Fishtown bakery combined croissant dough and cornbread batter in one pan to make a stuffing loaf, a shareable version of their stuffing muffin (better known as stuffin). The savory, herb-speckled loaf is riddled with hunks of Kensington Quarters sausage.

Aside from being delicious — we can attest, it’s good enough to tempt away the Pepperidge Farm set (at least it should be) — Cake Life founder Lily Fischer says the stuffin loaf’s appeal is its ease: “You can grab two and you’ve brought stuffing.”

Loaves will be available on a first-come, first-served basis through Thanksgiving Day, when Cake Life stays open till 2 p.m. But get there early: There’s usually a line out the door when they open up at 7 a.m. To get one after Thanksgiving, just call the bakery; they’ll be just as tasty come December.

“Insider tip: I think if you have extra — but you probably wouldn’t — I want to try doing a stuffin French toast," Fischer says. “And maybe a cranberry-maple syrup thing, and maybe throw a fried egg on it.” If you do attempt such a feat, she recommends chilling the loaf before slicing it. This is more of a pull-apart situation.

Stuffin Loaf, $18 for an 8-inch loaf (serves 8) at Cake Life Bake Shop, 1306 Frankford Ave., 215-278-2580, cakelifebakeshop.com