For some time, even before the pandemic, Ken Sze of Tuna Bar in Old City had been trying to come up with a home sushi-making kit for customers.

“The design just wasn’t there,” he said the other day. “I wanted it to be perfect. Then the virus hit and my wife [Cortney] was like, ‘Hey. Don’t worry about the design. Make it easy.'"

Sze pulled the trigger, packaging sliced fish, rice, nori sheets, assorted sauces, wasabi, tempura flakes, ginger, a sushi mat, chopsticks, and gloves for sale ($60). Pickup will be 3:30 to 6 p.m. Saturday, May 16 from the restaurant, 205 Race St. As for instruction: Sze will get on Instagram Live at 7 p.m. to demonstrate.

You’ll get four to six rolls — tuna, salmon, and California — out of the kit, depending on how much you like to fill them. Details via Tuna Bar’s Instagram.