In a statement issued to employees, Tower Health officials said that a physician who performed surgeries at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children may have been exposed to the coronavirus. The independent physician, who had recently returned from travel overseas, had no symptoms while at the hospital but began to feel ill the next day, the statement said.

He was last seen at the hospital on Feb. 26, when he did three surgical procedures. He was not hospitalized and has recovered, according to officials at Drexel University, which co-owns the North Philadelphia hospital with Tower.

The last day of quarantine for medical staff members who were in contact with the physician was Wednesday, the date on the memo to staff.

It was not clear from the statement whether the doctor had been tested for coronavirus. A Tower Health spokesperson declined to provide information about how many patients and medical staff members were exposed, nor would Philadelphia Health Department officials elaborate. That’s a contrast with Montgomery County, where health officials supplied information about a Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania cardiologist who saw about 24 patients over four days before he was hospitalized. Those health officials also described how and when patients and families were notified.

“In an abundance of caution we have communicated this to employees and medical staff at St. Christopher’s and provided talking points to staff to assure visitors,” the Tower statement said. “We have no evidence of COVID-19 at St. Christopher’s among staff or patients.”

The Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals declined to comment.