Medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey can now provide curbside service to patients who prefer to maintain social distancing.

The New Jersey Department of Health on Monday announced it was granting waivers to the state’s Alternative Treatment Centers to provide the service to reduce possible exposure to coronavirus.

Previously, the department had required all marijuana dispensing to be conducted inside the Garden State’s nine centers.

About 73,000 New Jersey residents participate in the medical cannabis program.

It may take some time to put curbside sales into practice. To take advantage of the relaxed rules, the dispensing facilities must submit a plan for procedures to the health department and notify their local municipal governments and police departments.

In addition, the state immediately reduced all caregiver registration fees from $100 to $20.

The health department also removed the requirement for centers to conduct in-person consultations for new patients, unless requested. Consultations can be done over the phone instead of in-person.

Pennsylvania on Friday allowed the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries to dispense at curbside and removed restrictions on the number of patients each caregiver could serve.

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