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Flu widespread in Philly region with three recently reported deaths

Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have reported deaths associated with the flu.

Confirmed cases of flu continues to be widespread in the region.
Confirmed cases of flu continues to be widespread in the region.Read moreDavid Goldman / AP

The number of flu cases continues to climb across the region, with both Pennsylvania and New Jersey reporting widespread cases.

Three flu deaths — one child in New Jersey and two adults in Pennsylvania — have recently been reported.

Pennsylvania has reported a high number of cases in all regions of the state, with 9,268 laboratory-confirmed influenza cases and 10 fatalities from Sept. 30, 2018, to Jan. 5. No pediatric deaths have been reported, according to the state Health Department.

New Jersey health officials confirmed the first death of a child associated with the flu this season and reported activity levels of the disease to be high across the state, with 738 laboratory-confirmed cases as of Jan. 5.

The unidentified child, who had received the flu vaccine, was from Central New Jersey and died in late December, the Associated Press reported.

Health officials say there are still benefits from getting a flu shot, since the season may continue for an additional two months.