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A personal trainer’s favorite get-fit gifts for the holiday season

Whether just embarking on an exercise journey, or simply someone looking for easy ways to stay in shape while stuck at home, there is something fun for everyone on this list.

Ashley Blake Greenblatt demonstrates a squat using a kettlebell. A three-piece set is a great pick for the home gym buff on your Christmas shopping list.
Ashley Blake Greenblatt demonstrates a squat using a kettlebell. A three-piece set is a great pick for the home gym buff on your Christmas shopping list.Read moreAshley Greenblatt

The gift-giving season is in full swing, which means the challenging task of fulfilling your loved ones’ wish list is here once more. Picking out presents can be stressful enough without the added pandemic pressures. Stay merry and light this holiday season by giving your loved ones the gift of good health.

Below is my go-to gift guide for the exercise enthusiast in your life. Whether they’re just embarking on their exercise journey, consider themselves a super jock, or are looking for easy ways to stay in shape while stuck at home, there is something fun for everyone.

For the outdoorsy type

Your workout can leave you breathless, but your face mask shouldn’t. This mask’s fabric is designed to be lightweight and breathable. It’s also reusable, water-resistant, and offers a pliable nose bridge to ensure a good, snug fit.

When exercising in colder elements, the sensitive skin on your lips chaps very easily. This is especially true if you’re in the habit of licking your lips. This luxurious lip balm builds a barrier between your lips and the wind, cold conditions, and sun exposure. It comes in a tasty minty flavor, too.

One of the most frustrating moments is gearing up for your workout, reaching in your pocket to pull out your headphones, and seeing them in a massive, tangled mess. Wireless headphones are a must for when you need motivation to get moving. While they are a bit of an investment, this product is the gift that keeps on giving. Powerbeats offer crisp sound quality, are sweat-proof and comfortable on the ears.

For the Fitness Fashionista

Comfort is the key to feeling confident while working out. There are lots of labels to choose from, but if you want to pick out a special set of workout gear, you can’t go wrong with Athleta. Whether a woman or man on your list needs threads for yoga or running, or is more interested in loungewear or outerwear, you’ll likely find it in sizes ranging from petite to plus size — they even have a shop specifically for girls. Unlike other expensive brands, Athleta often runs promotions and has a massive sale section.

Not all hair ties are created equal. If the band isn’t properly made, it can pull, break, or damage your hair. When exercising, your hair should never be a hassle. I recommend filling up on Invisibobble bands. Their spiral design keeps your pony in place all day long without troubling your tresses, or leaving dents when letting your locks down.

If you’re a guy or gal on the go, you don’t have time to mess with your mane. That’s where dry shampoo comes to the rescue. A few spritzes of Living Proof Dry Shampoo after a workout is enough to soak up sweat and oil, provide volume, and make hair look like you just left the salon. It’s also free of chemicals, such as sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, and phthalates.

For the home gym buff

If getting in shape is the goal, then a TRX (Total Resistance Exercises) system is the ultimate gift. While it is a bit of a splurge, the recipient will rave about the results these suspension bands offer. Founded by a former U.S. Navy Seal, this versatile contraption focuses on strengthening the core muscles, enhancing total body power, and improving balance and stability, as well as flexibility. It can be set up virtually anywhere in the house or even outdoors with the use of a stable object like a tree. If you’re stuck inside all winter, you’re going to want this workout system.

Every fitness fanatic needs a cast-iron kettlebell for their in-home gym. It’s an ideal instrument for building strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. It’s always nice to have several weight options to choose from, which is why a three-piece set is a great pick.

Virtual Training Subscription, prices vary

If your friend or family member wants to get healthy but doesn’t know where to start, personal training is the way to go. But since the pandemic started, this sort of instruction has become limited. Virtual training removes the risk, is convenient, cost effective, and educational as you can connect with fitness pros from the comfort and safety of your home. Though a virtual trainer can work with you from anywhere in the world, you could ask local fitness pros you trust for a recommendation.

Ashley Blake Greenblatt is a certified personal trainer and wellness coach in South Jersey. To learn more about her virtual training program, go to