Q: Because my attic bedroom is small, and the ceiling is angled, my bed won’t fit all the way against the wall. The whole bed is too tall and there is about three feet or more of floor space behind the headboard. I’m shopping for a new bed but everything I am finding has headboards that are too tall. Do you have any other ideas for me?

A: Your bed is not only one of the largest pieces of furniture in your bedroom, it’s probably one of the biggest in your entire house. A beautifully made bed is a lovely and inviting focal point to a bedroom. In a plain bedroom, a big dramatic headboard is an easy way to create a big statement but it’s not the only way. A charming attic bedroom with lots of angles has plenty of interest already. So you can depend less on the bed, and play up the space in other ways.

Platform style beds with just one mattress are much lower than traditional box/mattress beds. And with a quality mattress, this option is just as comfortable. In fact, the secondary “box spring mattress” these days are little more than a lightly padded wood box. And we call that a “foundation” for the mattress. Low beds are still a trend and look great in smaller rooms where a dramatic bed would overwhelm the space. Measure the height of the wall in your room where it meets the ceiling. For any bed you are considering, compare that measurement with the headboard height and consider enough room for your head while reading.

Another option is buying a bed frame that simply supports the mattress. These are designed so you can buy separate headboards and footboards, and perhaps a footboard will be a better height for you as the headboard. Or you can add interest by creating your own headboard in exactly the size you need. You might be able to attach this to the wall, rather the bed, if that works better. Or instead of a traditional headboard, add a focus with draped fabric, or vintage doors or shutters against the wall. Low bookshelves along that wall also look great and add storage to a small room by replacing the nightstands.

If you’re renting and can’t make holes or just want a simple solution, skip the headboard altogether and use extra pillows to create more height at the head. Those big square Euro pillows work really well to prop yourself up while reading. If even those are too tall, look for other decorative pillows or make ones in a size you want. The best part of this idea is that you can easily change the covers for a fresh look.

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