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Simple mixers for quick cocktails to make at home

Bottled mixers that are ready to use — just add liquor.

Mixers by the West Chester-based Bar Spoon Beverage Co.
Mixers by the West Chester-based Bar Spoon Beverage Co.Read moreJOSE F. MORENO / Staff Photographer

You don’t need fancy ingredients to make a good cocktail at home — but it can be time consuming. That was the idea behind Bar Spoon Beverage, a West Chester company that makes ready-to-use mixers.

Erich Sizelove founded the company last year with the goal of offering shortcuts for home bartenders who want to make well-balanced drinks.

“Making a good drink, it’s one more thing to do if you’re having people over,” he said.

The mixers, available online and in a number of stores in the Philadelphia area and at the Jersey Shore, can be blended with equal parts liquor and sparkling water for individual or batched drinks. Sizelove recommends an ounce or two per cocktail and said each 12-ounce bottle can be combined with equal parts seltzer and liquor in a pitcher to serve a large group. They can also be used with plain soda water or other ingredients to make mocktails.

The cardamom lime flavor pairs with tequila, gin, vodka, or rum. The cinnamon spice mixer goes with rum, bourbon, vodka, or gin. The pomegranate lime and lemon ginger flavors are similarly versatile.

“The flavors I pick are designed to work with a lot of things," Sizelove said. “I didn’t want to make a margarita mix.”

— Allison Steele

Bar Spoon Beverage Co. Small Batch Cocktail Mix, $14 online at and at area stores. For more information, go to