The price of a gallon of regular gas in Philadelphia has risen past $5, with the national average spiking up 9 cents in the last week, AAA reported Saturday.

And gas is unlikely to get any cheaper in anything resembling the near future, AAA warned.

The group cited federal data showing that total domestic gasoline stocks had dropped significantly last week while gas demand was pumped up as drivers filled their tanks for Memorial Day weekend travel.

Statewide, the Pennsylvania price per gallon went up to $4.913, from $4.760 a week ago. Last year at this time, it was $3.047.

New Jersey’s price Saturday, $4.916, was about $1.85 pricier than it was last year.

In the region, Delaware County had the highest price, at $5.027, with the best deals evidently in the State of Delaware, where the average was $4.783.

It is worse elsewhere: Nine states have higher per-gallon average prices, with California topping out at $6.297.

If you’re planning to drive cross-country, AAA advises that gas is averaging above $4.50 in every state.