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Instagram sends users into a frenzy with a major update — then quickly pulls it back

The company hasn't come out and said why it made the change, which appears to have only rolled out to some users.

Instagram gave users "a new way to move through posts" — then changed back to scrolling.
Instagram gave users "a new way to move through posts" — then changed back to scrolling.Read moreAnna Orso / Screenshot

Instagram is blaming a “bug” for freaking out its millions of users Thursday morning after the social media network made a major change and then promptly pulled it.

Some users lost it Thursday when they logged onto the app, which is owned by Facebook, and noticed a major shift in the feed: Instagram had done away with its signature scrolling in favor of a tapping experience. So rather than users thumbing through hundreds of photos in just a few minutes, they’d be forced to shortly linger on each photo (and advertisement) in a sideways swiping experience that felt a bit like Tinder.

Here’s how the update, which appeared to only roll out to some users, worked:

But then, just before 11 a.m. Thursday, Instagram appeared to have ditched the update for most of the people who saw it and the feed changed back to how it was before (just after shares in Facebook dropped dramatically). Instagram released a statement to Recode, claiming that “due to a bug, some users saw a change to the way their feed appears.” The company said it quickly fixed the issue and apologized for confusion.

Or maybe, in what might be the fastest reaction to online outrage ever, the social media giant listened to some of its users?

Either way, at least we’ll always have these jokes from people unreasonably mad about a change to a social media network. (Something tells us that if it comes back, they’ll eventually get used to it.)

Were you a victim of the new Instagram scrolling experience? Or maybe you started to get used to it, only to watch it slip away? Let us know in the comments.