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Introducing Curious Philly: Where we help you find answers

What are you curious about? Let us know, and we'll work to get the answer.

Ashley MacDonald

A big part of what we do at the Inquirer is find answers to questions, and we want to report on the ones that matter most to you.

But to do that best, we need your help.

Meet Curious Philly. It's our new question-and-response service that lets you submit any questions you may have about your Greater Philadelphia region community, and our journalists will seek the answers.

Whether it's something as complex as what the property taxes may be for that new home you're eyeing or as simple as where to find the best deals for an eventful weekend – we want to answer your questions and share that information with the rest of our readers.

We've inaugurated Curious Philly with a great reader-submitted question that gets to the core of a lot of people's anxieties and pressures these days:

"Despite seeing improvement in the national economy, what we hear about the average income for Philadelphians is that it's still down. Why is that?"

It's a great question that couldn't be more timely. Reporter Alfred Lubrano came back with a story that examines socioeconomics, class, poverty and why Philadelphians such as Mike Scotese, owner of the Gray Lodge Pub in Mayfair, are feeling squeezed as the U.S. economy seems to hum.

"My business hasn't been making money in years," Scotese told Lubrano. "The system's been gamed by the rich for so long. The rich get richer and everyone else is just muddling along."

>>READ MORE: Philadelphians feel squeezed as the U.S. economy seems to hum. That's a poverty problem

We've received hundreds of other great questions so far, some of which we've already reported on, such as:

And that's just to name a few.

Now is your chance to help us learn more about the things you want to know. Try us. No question is too big or too small. And while you're here, go ahead and vote on which Curious Philly question we should answer next.

Or, send us one of your own.