Sixers center Joel Embiid has been known as “The Process” since 2016, when he bestowed the nickname on himself in honor of the team’s “Trust the Process.” He even was granted rights to the trademark for the phrase last year.

That’s common knowledge among most Philly sports fans — but no contestants on Wednesday’s episode Jeopardy! seemed to have a clue.

Embiid’s famous moniker came up on the show as part of a $1,000 question under the episode’s “Current Sports Nicknames” category.

“Joel Embiid in 2019 won the trademark for this nickname of his that also describes the 76ers strategy of improving the team,” host Alex Trebek read.

One contestant, a Georgia lawyer named Paul Trifiletti, made a confident — but ultimately very, very wrong — attempt at the answer. But to his credit, neither of his other fellow contestants even took a crack at it.

“What is ‘Do a 180?’” Trifiletti said.

“Nope,” Trebek responded. “What is ‘The Process.’”

Embiid himself caught wind of the gaffe online, and quickly changed his Twitter display name to “Joel ‘Do a 180’ Embiid. The Sixers center also leaned into the new moniker on Instagram, writing “new year, new me.”

Most basketball fans online, however, were confused — yet intrigued:

Contestant Paul, meanwhile, went on to win $21,000 Wednesday, despite his Sixers gaffe. He will return to Jeopardy! on Thursday.