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5 last-minute Halloween costumes that scream Philly

2021 has been full of news that can double as Halloween costumes. Here are five Philly-themed ideas.

Halloween 2021 Philly style.
Halloween 2021 Philly style.Read moreRob Tornoe

Trick-or-treating is a go with a couple of COVID-19 safety measures in place — Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert, said so.

Halloween’s return means you’ll need to whip up a costume. If you’re not feeling the mall options or worry a Squid Game idea will be overdone, we’ve got five Philly-centric ideas that won’t break the bank. These should also be easy to pull together on short notice.

Vine Street Canal Tuber

When Ida’s floodwaters and a failed pump effectively turned the Vine Street Expressway into a canal, some Philadelphians were quick to dive, canoe, and tube along its questionable waters.

The images of the daredevils engaging in this new take on extreme sports went viral and officials had to issue a plea for folks to stop getting in the murky canal.

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Officials advised anyone who’d already taken a dip to swing by a doctor’s office for a tetanus shot.

Get the look: Get your tube, a Philly baseball cap, and goggles, if you have them. Carry around a prescription for antibiotics and stick some garbage to your tube to add to the joke.

Bonus: To get in the spooky spirit, dress up as the after-photo of our canal athletes. Add some makeup to depict skin-eating bacteria and other scrapes suffered.

The Ghost of Ben Simmons

The 25-year-old point guard has haunted Philadelphia basketball fans since the Sixers’ playoff collapse against the Atlanta Hawks.

Simmons, who has more than $146 million remaining on his contract, was notably absent from training camp, preseason bouts, and the first handful of games.

President of franchise operations Daryl Morey has made it clear he wants to trade Simmons for a “difference-maker” and that could take years — spooky!

Get the look: Any old bed sheet will do. Cut two holes for eyes, and if you’re on a budget, just write out Simmons’ name and jersey number on the back. If you want to jazz up your costume, buy an actual Simmons jersey from a second-hand market.

Bonus costume: Dress as a vendor trying to off-load Simmons and Hurts gear

After the Eagles finished the 2020 season with a 4-11-1 record and quarterback Carson Wentz was finally traded to the Indianapolis Colts, Jalen Hurts entered the new season carrying the hopes of fans looking for a reset.

The Hurts-era, however, has fallen short so far.

Eagles coach Nick Sirianni has insisted he has no plans to swap out his starting quarterback. But as Eagles losses add up, it’s looking like Hurts’ stock is starting to plummet.

This Halloween, carry a Hurts and Simmons jersey around to showcase the pain of selling Philly sports swag.

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Nick Sirianni and his visor full of highlighters

NFL coaches are not hired for their fashion sense. But like New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick managed to do with his short sleeve hoodie, Eagles coach Nick Sirianni has left his mark in sideline fashion.

Even if you flat out hate Sirianni’s play-calling, there’s no denying his visor full of highlighters and pens offers some comedic relief. Fans are now quick to flood the internet with jokes when Sirianni doesn’t wear his trademark visor.

Get the look: If you don’t have a visor, cutting the top off an old baseball cap works. Add highlighters and pens to your heart’s content. To go all out, add the numbers 55 and 73 to show your support for defensive end Brandon Graham and guard Isaac Seumalo, who are out the remainder of the season due to injuries.

Feel free to carry around a watering can and fertilizer because, as Sirianni said at a recent Eagles news conference, building a winning team … is like growing a flower.

Mare Sheehan

Delaware County drew national attention thanks to Kate Winslet’s portrayal of a tortured detective working to solve a murder while dealing with a complicated home life. Mare of Easttown won four Emmys and was lauded by critics for its nuanced portrayal of heavy topics such as grief and drug use.

From actors’ accent work to the show’s filming in local spots, Philly-area viewers appreciated the attention to detail given to portraying Mare Sheehan’s working-class Pennsylvania town.

The show gained such an obsessive following Nether Providence Police had to ask the public to stop making pilgrimages to the Wallingford home used in the show’s outdoor filming.

Get the look: There are many ways you can capture Sheehan’s look. If it’s cold, pair your boots and jeans with a scarf and jacket. You don’t need to don Sheehan’s Filson jacket to nail the fashion, a tattered Ocean City hoodie can work just as well, weather permitting. A plaid shirt will do if it’s too warm for layering. Don’t forget your Wawa coffee cup and keep a hoagie in your pocket for later. Mare’s ever-present vape isn’t mandatory because Sheehan is trying to quit but you can always “smoke” a salted pretzel like the folks at Saturday Night Live did when parodying the detective.

John Dougherty

Pennsylvania’s most powerful labor union leader is in the middle of a weeks-long federal corruption trial. Better known as Johnny Doc, the head of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 has long drawn federal suspicion for his political lobbying and management of the union.

Federal agents raided Dougherty’s home in 2006 and again in 2016. In the latter raid, Dougherty became a local meme wearing a crisp white shirt, khaki pants and, of course, a Sixers cap.

One thing this costume touts is longevity.

Dougherty will continue to make headlines even after this trial concludes. He faces charges of embezzling more than $60,000 from Local 98 and is accused of threatening a contractor who employed a nephew — his nephew also faces charges.

Get the look: Get a crisp white shirt, khaki pants, and your Sixers cap. Hat tip to Philly journalist Dan McQuade who had the foresight to replicate the look the very day of the 2016 raid.