A large water main break flooded the intersection of Sixth and Bainbridge Streets in South Philadelphia’s Queen Village section early Sunday morning, causing damage to homes and businesses.

Water and Fire Department employees and staff from the Office of Emergency Management were offering help to people whose properties sustained water damage, said Brian Rademaekers, a spokesperson for the Water Department. The department is hiring crews to clean and dry out basements, he said.

“The goal is to visit every property which needs water pumped out,” he said in a statement.

South Sixth Street between South and Fitzwater Streets has been closed, as crews assess what it will take to repair the 30-inch main and street, he said. The water department wasn’t aware of any customers who don’t have water, but said outages should be reported to 215-685-6300.

Crews arrived at the scene about 1 a.m. and began shutting down the main.