The data firm Comparitech says Silver Linings Playbook is Pennsylvania’s “favorite” romantic comedy, based on data culled from romcom-related searches on Google.

Comparitech spokesman James Agate said the firm is assuming the most searched for movie is also a state’s favorite romcom, although in the case of Pennsylvania, it seems likely the immersion of Silver Linings Playbook in Philadelphia Eagles fan culture has something to do with the search frequency. That would explain why Silver Linings Playbook is also the “favorite” movie of neighboring New Jersey, according to Comparitech.

The fact that Silver Linings stars native son and avid Eagles fan Bradley Cooper could also be a factor, although that would not explain why Will Smith’s Hitch is the most searched for movie in South Dakota.

Punxsutawney-set Groundhog Day is the favorite of folks who live in Utah. Next door, in Nevada, searches for the prostitution-themed Pretty Woman were most frequent.

Also, while we still don’t know whether Iowa prefers Pete Buttigieg or Bernie Sanders, we know that Google searches in Iowa identify The Philadelphia Story as the states favorite romantic comedy.

Delaware prefers Clueless, also the favored romcom in Arizona and California.

Comparitech started with Google’s list of top romantic comedy movies, then “searched each film individually on Google Trends to find which state scored the highest.” For close calls, Comparitech favored the movie that accounted for the most searches over the previous 12 months.