A woman who police say spit in the faces of two people at Di Bruno Bros. market in Center City over the weekend has been arrested.

Jacqueline McBride, 27, was charged with simple assault, terroristic threats, and harassment, police said Thursday evening. Authorities said she spit at a store employee on Saturday and at a customer on Sunday.

McBride was apprehended about 4:30 p.m. after she returned to the Rittenhouse area and witnesses, who recognized her from widely circulated social media images, called police.

“I think the cops did a great job responding so quickly,” said Alexis Danilo, one of the victims. “I’m just happy she’s not going to do it to anybody else."

Danilo said she was waiting in line to enter the market when a woman approached her and got very close, breaking the six-foot social distancing rule. Danilo took a few steps back, she said, which angered the woman.

“She got really upset by that, and then she said, ‘B—, I don’t have the disease,’” recalled Danilo, 36.

Danilo said she ignored the woman and walked into the store to buy cheese and meat for dinner at her parents’ house. While she was picking out her items, the woman intentionally ran into her, Danilo said.

She said she told the woman, “That was really rude, we are in a pandemic," and the woman responded: “I’ll fight you right now,” Danilo recalled.

The woman then pulled down the red bandanna covering her mouth, spit in Danilo’s face, and stormed off, she said.

“I was just in shock,” said Danilo, of Southwest Center City. She said the employee behind the counter asked her if she was OK and took her to a sink so she could wash her face.

Danilo said a manager told her the same woman had come into the store on Saturday and spit at an employee after getting into an argument about how the woman wanted to pay for her items. Police confirmed that.

“During these and all times, we take the safety and security of our employees and customers extremely seriously,” Di Bruno Bros. said in a statement Thursday. “We are troubled by this incident and are fully cooperating with the police. We have reached out to the victim to lend our support in any way that we can.”

Danilo said she called police after she learned this was the second incident involving the woman.

“The biggest thing for me was that this woman is likely to do it to other people if she’s done it two times,” she said. “I think this woman should be locked up. You should never be spitting on anybody, and given the fact that there’s a pandemic, you shouldn’t be doing that.”

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Danilo said she had not had any symptoms since the incident, but is avoiding most public spaces just in case. She said she called the city’s health department to see if she could get priority testing, and also asked her physician if she could be tested. Both said no, she said, because she is asymptomatic, but said she could possibly have an antibody test and is waiting to hear back.

Across the country, authorities have cracked down on people threatening to intentionally spread the coronavirus.

In March, a woman shopping at Gerrity’s Supermarket’s in Hanover Township, Luzerne County, allegedly coughed on $35,000 worth of food. The woman, identified by police as Margaret Chirko, was charged with threats to use weapons of mass destruction, terroristic threats, criminal mischief, and related charges.

In New Jersey, a Camden man was charged with making terroristic threats during a state of emergency after he spit on police officers and said he had the virus.