At least one Philadelphia native is keeping it fresh during quarantine.

On Friday, Will Smith dropped a rap as part of Joyner Lucas’ remix of his ode to the West Philly-born rapper, Will, and the internet lost its collective mind over the quick wit that the 51-year-old can still spit.

So many people were posting about his skills on the track that Smith was trending on Twitter before noon.

In the nearly two-minute rap Smith, who hasn’t released an album in 15 years, gives love to another Philly star (“A shout out to Julius Erving, one of the legends I worship") and to the city that made him (“I wouldn’t be Will if I wasn’t from Philly").

And, in classic Big Willie Style, he doesn’t use a single swear word.

“I was on fire I ain’t even need a grill. Did it all with no cuss words, I ain’t have to curse just to keep it real.....Even when the streets called me corny I still ain’t never let the hate break me,” he raps.

Many on social media joked that his rhymes were so hot it set their earbuds — or their whole head on fire.

Others wondered if the coronavirus stay-at-home orders, or the strange nature of 2020 in general, inspired the new track.

In March, rapper Joyner Lucas dropped his track Will about how Smith is his hero (“Homie’s my idol and don’t even know it”). The accompanying music video shows Joyner putting himself in many of Smith’s roles from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to I, Robot.

Well, Smith did finally learn he was Lucas’ idol and he posted the music video to his Instagram, where Smith has more than 45 million followers. Lucas’ music video now has more than 25 million views on YouTube.

In April, Smith had Lucas on his Snapchat series, Will at Home.

Smith’s decision to participate in Lucas’ remix of the song about him was not only a very meta move but a very kind one that gave Smith’s fans all the feelings. And they used the many Will Smith GIFs on social media to express those feelings.

So while hearing Smith’s Summertime this year may make you nostalgic for the days we could actually sit on Lorenzo’s or be on the plateau where everybody goes, hopefully his new rap brings you a smile.

And hopefully, Smith brings us more rhymes.