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Today we’re bringing you the latest on our housing crisis. Officials are issuing tents to people experiencing homelessness in Norristown — and advocates are outraged.

Meanwhile, demand for COVID-19 vaccines is up again, for a few reasons.

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Officials give tents to people experiencing homelessness as advocates demand better resources

When people facing homelessness in Norristown call Montgomery County officials for help, they’re told shelter is in short supply. And then they’re issued tents.

It’s become a flash point in the housing crisis. Advocates are raising their voices about the lack of resources. And some business owners told us they’re concerned about the tents for other reasons: optics.

To make matters worse, winter is coming. “I’ve written numerous stories on people experiencing homelessness, and I’m always struck — as I was in Norristown — by how frank people are about their experiences, and how willing they are to share personal details of their troubles,” reporter Alfred Lubrano told us.

Keep reading his article for more on the housing crunch in Norristown.

COVID-19 vaccines are in high demand again

📈 The news: Some Pennsylvania and New Jersey clinics are seeing some of their highest demand for shots in months. Why? A few reasons.

1️⃣ Pint-sized eligible humans: Children ages 5 to 11 became eligible last week.

2️⃣ Boosting: More of the already-vaccinated population can get booster shots.

3️⃣ First-timers: And there have also been modest upticks in people getting first doses.

🔺 Rollout rolling: More than 18,000 children ages 5 to 11 in Pennsylvania and 9,000 in New Jersey were vaccinated in the first several days of the rollout.

💉 New blood: Pediatricians, hospitals, and pharmacists have launched clinics, appointments, and school vaccination events. One stab at softening the pinch? Reinforcements from grown-ups in Wizard of Oz costumes. Check our photo of the day at the bottom of this newsletter.

Our reporters Justine McDaniel and Erin McCarthy have more on vaccine clinics getting busy again.

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And meet the Philly breakdancer helping plan the debut of breakdancing for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. C’est magnifique. It’s impossible not to feel the good vibes of this video.

🧠 Philly trivia time 🧠

Where is Philadelphia cream cheese really from and how did we even get tangled up in this marketing ploy to cash in on our primo dairy rep? We’ve got a whole story you can break the ice with. We’ll give you a hint: 🆕 🥓

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