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Today we bring you the latest from the situation in Ukraine — along with one of the most iconic images of the war, taken by Philly-based photojournalist Wolfgang Schwan.

We also examine the impact of war here in the States, and our list of organizations in support of those affected by the war continues to grow.

And, with COVID-19 cases decreasing, phrases such as “new stage” and “normal” are being passed around among experts with the hope that the worst of the virus is behind us.

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The war in Ukraine, as told by the images of this Philly photographer

She was the first person he saw following the airstrike. ☝🏾

Wolfgang Schwan, a Philadelphia resident who’s been documenting servicemen in Ukraine since early January, has become one of many photojournalists documenting the largest ground invasion in Europe since World War II.

His image of the blood-smeared woman who was injured in an airstrike in the eastern city of Chuhuiv is one of the indelible images in what’s being called an “incredibly worrying situation.”

Our reporter Max Marin caught up with Schwan to talk about the dystopian nature of documenting war.

Also, as images of a Ukraine under attack showcase citizens alongside military forces in a fight for freedom:

  • Our columnist Will Bunch suggests that Russia’s invasion has been a wake-up call for a world taking democracy for granted.

  • And, our reporter Michelle Myers has added to the list of charities you can support to aid those impacted by the war in Ukraine.

What you should know today

What COVID-19 could look like by spring

As cases and hospitalizations fall to levels not seen since before the omicron surge, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware are among the many states that have recently announced the termination or relaxation of mitigation measures, including mask and vaccine mandates in some settings.

👍🏽 N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy has announced that Friday’s COVID-19 briefing will be his final one in the Garden State in the foreseeable future.

👍🏽 Pennsylvania’s acting health secretary says “there’s is a lot to celebrate right now.”

👍🏽 Richard Lorraine, Montgomery County’s medical director, called recent case counts (at the lowest level since last August) and hospitalization rates (the lowest level since before omicron) a “cause for optimism.”

While optimism abounds, our reporter Erin McCarthy writes that health experts say there is an epidemiological basis behind recent talk of “moving forward beyond the pandemic.”

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🧑‍🎨 Awaiting: The announcement of who’s going to be named the artist of the planned Marian Anderson sculpture.

🤣 Admiring: The hilarious way Crossing Broad asked readers to respond to James Harden’s triple-double in a 125-109 win over the New York Knicks on Sunday.

☝🏾 Promoting: Las notables historias de Filadelfia a través de El Inquirer.

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