Yes, that’s snow out there. Yesterday’s taste of spring is long gone, with temps dropping into the 30s.

Sure, the Super Bowl and the Olympics are fine, but have you played winter’s most important global competition? It’s Wordle, the game hooking three million players a day. If you want to make your word-guessing habit More Philly, we already found out the eligible Philly Wordle words.

Our restaurant critic Craig LaBan walks you through a young generation’s Vietnamese-inspired offerings that have never been more dynamic.

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Steak, stoop, shore: Philly-inspired Wordle words you can play today

L-E-T-S play Wordle the Philly way. If you’ve seen that cluster of black, yellow, and green squares in your social media feed, you know Wordle, the wildly popular word-guessing game with a mystery five-letter word of the day.

We found out which five-letter Philly words work in Wordle’s extensive catalog, and which ones don’t.

S-H-O-R-E and B-R-O-A-D are fair game, but Y-O-U-S-E and W-E-N-T-Z (bye) are out.

Our reporter Max Marin has more on which Philly words work on Wordle.

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Do you remember what this fear-deficient surf rider of the snowstorm does to wake himself up when he can’t go surfing?

A) goes for a polar plunge

B) takes an ice bath

C) goes blizzard boogie boarding

D) downs an ice cream shake

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