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It’s here! The all-encompassing daily newsletter for Philly sports.

The debut of the Sports Daily

We’ve got all the Philly sports you love, in one place. We know you’re passionate and busy people. Our editors have compiled the top stories on Philly teams into a newsletter that lets you get right to what you care about most.

All our sports. All for you.

Go for the section that has what matters to you. When you’ve got extra time, check out other sports stories we offer here — the latest on the Simmons saga with the Sixers, where the Phillies went right and wrong in their season, the rise of new talent with the Flyers, and all the ins and outs of the Eagles. Plus, we’ll feature other aspects of the sports scene, including occasionally a contribution from you, the world-famous Philly fans we serve.

Today’s newsletter kicks off with an Eagles team that was distinctly better, but not the best, in a shootout with the Kansas City Chiefs. The extra sting was seeing Andy Reid coaching a team to victory again, perhaps for the last time in this stadium, but against the Birds. Quarterback Jalen Hurts isn’t satisfied with his improved performance, either, because ultimately, it’s another “L” in the books.

Early Birds

The Eagles are essentially who we thought they were as they suffered their third straight setback in a 42-30 loss to the Chiefs.

On offense, Nick Sirianni’s play calls aren’t working out as there continue to be issues on fourth down. Penalties on three occasions led to touchdowns being called back, and being flagged continues to be a trend for an undisciplined team. On defense, the Eagles just weren’t able to stop the Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City didn’t even have to punt in the game as the Eagles gave up more than 40 points for a second straight week.

Sirianni is letting his inexperience show as a first-year coach, and when you’re facing a veteran coach such as Reid, it’s just not a good matchup for the Eagles.

Extra Innings

Bryce Harper closed out Year 3 with the Phillies on Sunday with one of his best seasons and a compelling case for National League MVP. But it doesn’t end with one of the game’s biggest stars in the playoffs since the Phillies missed out on the postseason for the 10th straight year. The good news for the Phillies and the bad news for the rest of the league is how Harper wants to come back hungrier, telling reporters, “I just want to be better.”

The Phillies got started on their offseason moves, firing two coaches before their season finale Sunday.

On Day 1 of the Phillies’ offseason, take a look at the work that lies ahead for Dave Dombrowski with this to-do list by Scott Lauber.

Off the Dribble

Sixers fans might be furious with Ben Simmons for his refusal to return to the team, but the saga isn’t over yet. The good news out of preseason is that early reports indicate this might be the best year ever for Joel Embiid. One way his maturity might be most evident is that he still has kind things to say about Simmons and about how the team is better with him. However, if Simmons is indeed done with the Sixers, the team has to look at viable options to replace him from the current roster. There are different possibilities, but none are ideal.

On the Fly

The Flyers won a game! Ok, it’s just the preseason, but a win was needed for the young players and the new arrivals to feel more confident ahead of the season opener. There’s also what could be the start of a bigger story, as on social media a veteran NHL player accused teams, including the Flyers, of improperly offering prescription drugs to players.

That’s different

Sports fans vent in emails and through our article comments in a wide variety of colorful and creative ways, but reader Israel Z. definitely stood out with a poetic ode to the woes of being a Phillies fan watching their comprehensive loss to the Braves in the playoff race.

An excerpt:

The Phillies lost another game, and I’ve learned through the years,/Their playoff hopes were dashed again, and no one shed their tears./Once again the Braves move on, the Phillies they go home,/To watch the others on TV, and down drinks topped with foam.

Worth a look

The sports life in Philly isn’t just the big four. In Major League Soccer action, the Union’s Jack Elliott pulled a fast one on the Columbus Crew, drilling a free kick into the net to touch off a 3-0 victory. Jim Curtin’s team is in third place in the Eastern Conference with an 11-7-9 record.

No. 4 Penn State, meanwhile, boasts a perfect record thus far in the season, not even conceding a single point to Indiana. The Nittany Lions improved to 5-0, but they got passed in the poll by Iowa. They’ll settle things on Saturday.