For an upcoming edition of the Inquirer’s Currents section, the paper’s Sunday opinion pages, we’re dedicating three full pages to editorial/political cartoons and non-fiction comics.

We’re looking for pitches and sketches from cartoonists and artists. Cartoons can be either multi-panel or single panel. Our only strict criteria is that your cartoon highlights an opinion on a topical news issue.

The cartoons will run in black and white in the Inquirer and in color on (And yes, we’re paying the artists a competitive fee. Artists will retain reprint rights 30 days after publication.)

We’re interested in cartoons inspired by local Philadelphia news, but feel free to tackle national issues as well. We’re looking for a diverse mix of subjects, tones, styles and viewpoints and aim to publish approximately a dozen pieces in mid-December.

Keep in mind that you’re pitching for a publication date several weeks away, so the topic should be in the news often enough to be relevant later this year. For example, a cartoon that comments on the debate over vaccinations will be relevant for quite some time, while a cartoon commenting on Pennsylvania’s first vaping death will feel dated by the time this publishes.

It’s OK to get creative with shapes and number of panels. We have some general ideas about shapes and spacing but will be flexible to accommodate your creativity.

Here’s how to submit your cartoon for consideration:

Email pitches (with sketches) to Deputy Opinion Editor Erica Palan at by November 1, 2019.

Please put CARTOON CURRENTS PITCH in the subject line.


You can direct questions about what we’re looking for to Deputy Opinion Editor Erica Palan at