The Phillies begin a seven-game road trip Monday night against the Atlanta Braves, but NBC Sports Philadelphia announcer John Kruk won’t be in the booth due to some health issues.

Kruk called Friday’s night’s loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers alongside Tom McCarthy and Ben Davis, but wasn’t on the air Saturday or Sunday. While NBC Sports Philadelphia does rotate between a handful of analysts — including Davis and Ruben Amaro, Jr. — Kruk’s absence over the weekend caused Phillies fans to flood his Twitter account with questions about is health.

And the former Phillies first baseman was more than happy to respond.

Kruk said he is scheduled to have gallbladder surgery on Monday. He said if all goes well, he should be back in the booth by early June. Meanwhile, Amaro had been previously scheduled to call the Phillies’ upcoming road trip on NBC Sports Philadelphia alongside McCarthy.

“I just want to get this done and be semi-pain free so I can play golf again,” Kruk wrote.

Kruk is no stranger to illness, nor has he ever been bashful leveling with fans. During the spring of 1994, Kruk was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which ultimately led to one testicle being removed. During a press conference, the team’s doctor attempted to delicately describe the situation. Kruk, predictably, offered a different approach.

“In case you don’t understand,” Kruk said, “that’s my nuts he’s talking about.”

Back on Twitter, Kruk has been open about the pain he’s currently in and his desire to get the surgery over with. He also expressed some optimism the surgery might help with his diabetes, which has forced him to watch his diet and lay off one of his favorite treats — donuts.

“My kids and I were trying to figure out how many surgeries I have had and I do believe after this next one it will be an even 30,” Kruk joked.

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‘He scored from second on the booted play!’

With Kruk’s absence, McCarthy called Sunday’s game alongside Davis and Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt, who is once again calling Sunday home games from Citizens Bank Park this season.

McCarthy hasn’t had the opportunity to call many Phillies playoff games during his 13-year tenure as the team’s television voice, but he was in postseason form Sunday afternoon, nailing the call when an unlikely error at second base and some great baserunning by Roman Quinn led to the Phillies defeating the Dodgers in extra innings.

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