Living in Philadelphia is a lot of things. It’s fun and exciting, but it’s also confusing at times (it’s OK to park your car in the middle of Broad St.?). Chances are you have experienced an “only in Philadelphia” moment that left you with more than one question.

Our Curious Philly program is here to help find answers — we track down information to help you make sense of Philly facts and the city’s unique history.

We’ve answered all kinds of reader questions, big and small. We’ve found out whether Philadelphia Cream Cheese is from here (it’s not), whether Philly’s streets run from hardwood to softwood (they do), and whether New Yorkers are invading (they are). We even figured out what those little reflective grids on utility poles are for.

So, whether you are a transplant like me, or a Philly native, Curious Philly can help you figure out the things you want to know about the city.

So, what do you want (or need) to know right now? Just ask.