The pandemic has made it challenging, and often unsafe, to carry out most annual traditions. But there’s one seasonal ritual that may prove to be more convenient: buying Girl Scout cookies.

This year, troops nationwide are taking their cooking-selling endeavors online, allowing you to order a box of Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, or other Scout-sponsored cookies from the comfort of your couch.

The season runs through March 14, bringing nine cookie options, including the new, French-toast-inspired Toast-Yay!, a cinnamon-flavored cookie dipped in white icing.

Here’s where to order them.

Virtual cookie booths

“Virtual cookie booth” is the name of the Girl Scouts’ online ordering platform. Visit to locate a virtual cookie booth in your area. The platform lets you search for troops by county and zip code, allowing you to directly support troops in your neighborhood or any other neighborhood in the region.

Girl Scouts are involved in tracking and fulfilling all orders, managing inventory, and writing thank-you notes. Choose curbside pickup and you’ll be greeted by troop leaders and parents. If you opt for direct shipping, Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania (GSEP) will cover 50% of the shipping fee.


Starting Feb. 1, you can order Girl Scout cookies through Grubhub. As you’d do when ordering pizza, simply type “Girl Scout Cookies” into the platform’s search bar, and it will connect you to opportunities in your area. Different troops are assigned to different dates and time slots. Once you place an order, Girl Scouts from the assigned troop will track and fulfill your order.

Grubhub is waiving its fees nationwide for the Girl Scouts organization, meaning all proceeds will go directly to the troop from which you order.

Buy directly from a Girl Scout

Have a favorite Girl Scout you want to support? Every Girl Scout has her own website URL to share with friends and family so that you can order directly.

“Some of the girls are even doing door hanger advertisements that give you their links,” says Kim E. Fraites-Dow, CEO of GSEP. “Online sales were only 3% of sales in previous years, so the fact that the girls are completely pivoting online is a big shift, and it’s fun to see how creative they get.”

If you order through a direct link, a parent or caregiver of the Girl Scout must approve your order before organizing a drop-off time.

Local bakeries

You can find the newest Toast-Yay! cookie in desserts like cupcakes and cheesecake at nine bakeries across eastern Pennsylvania. GSEP partnered with women-owned bakeries in Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, and Philadelphia Counties to develop desserts featuring the French-toast-inspired cookie. Want a taste? Here’s where to go: