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9 online classes in Philly to take this fall, including ballet, parkour, painting, acting, and more

We’ve rounded up a few of the best online classes from Philly groups that you can sign up for right now, no matter what your interests are.

Fleisher Art Memorial in Bella Vista offers a range of online classes and workshops for art lovers and developing artists.
Fleisher Art Memorial in Bella Vista offers a range of online classes and workshops for art lovers and developing artists.Read moreDominic Mercier

This far into quarantine, most of us are probably going a little stir crazy — but we can still pick up new skills thanks to a flood of online classes that cover everything from art and dance to food and wine.

These classes are all from Philly institutions. Whether you’re looking to work on your dance moves, get some historical holiday cheer, or teach the kids a little bit of acrobatics, there’s a class you can sign up for right now. We’ve rounded up a few of the best.

Food classes: Master wine and cheese pairing
  1. Who’s it for? Oenophiles, turophiles, and folks who just fancy a glass of vino and a snack

  2. What to expect: There’s not a lot that goes together better than good wine and cheese. The Wine School of Philadelphia can teach you to put the two together properly with its virtual wine and cheese pairing class, which looks at pairings ranging from classic to unorthodox.($11.99, Dec. 19, 4 p.m.,

  3. Also check out: If cheese isn’t your thing, take a look at the Wine School’s sparkling wine class, or get serious with the “Level One Wine Course,” which includes an exam for a certification from the National Wine School.

Circus classes: How to parkour indoors safely
  1. Who’s it for? Free-running youngsters aged 8 to 12

  2. What to expect: With all this time inside this year, your kids might have a little cabin fever, but thanks to the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, they can learn to (literally) climb the walls safely in a “Kids Parkour” class. This workshop focuses on the basics of free-running and parkour — or urban acrobatics — from the comfort of your home. All they need is some stairs, a doorway or hallway, and a couch or bed. ($15, Sundays, 1 p.m.,

  3. Also check out: The Philadelphia School of Circus Art has tons of other options for energetic kids, including ones that focus on stretching, handstands, and basic acrobatics.

Dog obedience classes: Train up your pup
  1. Who’s it for? Tricky dogs and their owners

  2. What to expect: Training your dog may not be easy, but Philly Unleashed’s “AKC: Trick Dog Prep Class” makes it fun by adding impressive tricks into the mix. Taught by certified trick dog instructor Alicia Harantschuk, it’ll help prep your pup for a Novice Trick Dog Title from the American Kennel Club, which requires a mastery of 10 tricks from a list that includes skills like high five, shake hands, kiss, and fetch. ($10, Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m.,

  3. Also check out: If your dog needs a little more training before getting into the tricks, Philly Unleashed has that covered. Check out its “Puppy Kindergarten” or “Level 1 Obedience.”

Beer-making classes: Brew your own with expert help
  1. Who’s it for? Budding brewmeisters and craft beer connoisseurs

  2. What to expect: City Brew Tours usually runs beer-soaked tours of about a dozen cities including Philly, though that’s on hold due to COVID-19. So you might as well learn to brew your own beer via its “Live Homebrew Experience” online class. There, you’ll learn how to make your own batch of pale or amber ale with a provided homebrew kit during a 2.5-hour live workshop. Ten days later, you can crack your own cold ones. ($99, runs Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, 1 p.m.,

  3. Also check out: You could skip the brewing and get right to the good part — that is, drinking — with City Brew Tours’ “Beer and Cheese Pairing Happy Hour” (Note: You’ll need to provide your own snacks and booze).

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Folk music classes: What is wassailing, anyway?
  1. Who’s it for? Winter holiday lovers in need of a little traditional, folksy cheer

  2. What to expect: Based on the Anglo-Saxon term “waes hael,” or “good health,” wassailing is a holiday folk tradition that’s sort of like caroling. That’ll be limited this year, but you can still do it virtually with the Philly Folk School’s “Winter Wassail Workshop,” which teaches its history and music. You’ll be in for songs and carols, recipes for historical holiday foods, and sing-alongs. ($10-$12, Dec. 5, 2 p.m.,

  3. Also check out: Get the kids into traditional music with “Wee Folk Classes,” or pick up a new skill with PFS’s beginner ukulele class.

Comedy classes: Learn to toast (and roast) for the holidays
  1. Who’s it for? Aspiring roastmasters (or just folks who want to brush up on public speaking)

  2. What to expect: Need to make a toast while getting in a few jabs at this year’s virtual holiday get-togethers? The Off Mic Comedy School — Philly’s first all-virtual stand-up comedy school — can help you out with its “Toast and Roast” workshop, which consists of a half-day interactive class fronted by show producers and comics Spark Tabor and Cynthia Marie. You’ll be landing zingers in no time. ($75, Dec. 12, 4 p.m.,

  3. Also check out: Build your stand-up comedy skills with offerings like “Standup 101″ (or “Standup 201,” if you’re more advanced), or go macabre with a dark comedy workshop.

Ballet classes: Dance it out (and stay fit)
  1. Who’s it for? Kiddos aged 6 to 12 who just gotta dance

  2. What to expect: Known as “Dance eXchange,” this after-school dance program from the folks at BalletX is a good one for youngsters who are learning remotely and need to get out a little energy. Here, they’ll learn basic dance movements and groove it out with the rest of the class via Zoom. Instructors also focus on self-confidence, discovery, and affirmation. (Free, Tuesdays and Thursdays through Dec. 17, 4 p.m.,

  3. Also check out: If you or someone you know is aged 16 to 24 and serious about dance, check out BalletX’s “Virtual Winter Intensive,” which focuses on development and advice for folks looking to break into the world of professional dance.

Acting classes: Scratch your itch for stagetime
  1. Who’s it for? Fledgling Philly actors

  2. What to expect: If you’ve been thinking about starting your path to the stage or screen, the Walnut Street Theatre has the perfect class to get you on your journey. This virtual “Intro to Acting” class, headed up by performance artist Logan Schulman, is targeted toward adult beginners, and covers the foundation of what it takes to begin on the road to your dream role — or just how to be more confident in your daily life. ($150, Dec. 14-18, 6 p.m.,

  3. Also check out: If your kids have an interest in the stage, the Walnut Street Theatre offers classes for them, including “Breaking Into the Business” for youngsters aged 10 to 17, and “The Art of Singing” for budding vocalists aged 8 to 11.

Art classes: Become the next Jackson Pollock
  1. Who’s it for? Adults with a serious interest in abstract art

  2. What to expect: Fleisher Art Memorial’s “Abstract and Intuitive Painting” course runs weekly for about two months, and in that time, you’ll get a good foundation in the process of making abstract art — plus knowledge on using acrylic paint, color theory, and history. Please note: You’ll need supplies like a primary color paint set, canvases, brushes, and a palette knife — so come prepared. ($255-$285, Wednesdays from Jan. 6 to March 10, 6:30 p.m.,

  3. Also check out: Not into abstract art? Check out Fleisher’s other offerings, which include lessons in acrylic painting, art history, and basic drawing.