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New Jersey
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Go Phish: A.C.P.D. go undercover in S.C. to prepare for Boardwalk shows

Monster weekend coming up in Atlantic City, what with three nights of Phish at Boardwalk Hall and Phish heads from all over gathering on the Boardwalk, plus the annual Out in A.C. gay and lesbian weekend at Harrah's, mischief night and good old Halloween. A.C. Police are nothing if not prepared, having sent their own undercover guy to a Phish concert in South Carolina to scope out "what we're up against," according to the Press of Atlantic City's Lynda Cohen. The better to know just what sort of tie-die shirt to wear when they mingle on the boards this weekend, I guess. Here's that story. Meanwhile, man about A.C. himself radio personality Pinky Kravitz, who apparently knows everything, is reporting that Phish will be covering a Led Zeppelin album on Halloween as part of their famous do a full album cover on Halloween tradition. The Pinkster's got sources everywhere.