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Conshohocken Brewing Co. opens in Bridgeport with a sports-media party

Sports-media and food notables gather to fete the brewpub's opening - 4 months later.

Sports talker Glen Macnow is an investor in Conshohocken Brewing Co., and Saturday, Dec. 10 he hosted an opening party for the four-month-old branch on DeKalb Street, just over the bridge from Norristown.

Um, timing? "We wanted to have it down right," Macnow said.

The guest list was studded with names from the sports-media world - among them Ray Didinger, Merrill Reese (who, in his Navy sweat shirt, ducked out to go to the Army-Navy Game), Larry Andersen, Tony Bruno, Leslie Gudel, Jim Salisbury, Spike Eskin, Jillian Mele, and Ron Burke - as well as the food/beer world: Don "Joe Sixpack" Russell, Tony Luke Jr., Tom Kehoe of Yards Brewing, Jim Fris of P.J. Whelihan's, and Glenn Gross of Fat Jack's BBQ.

The Bridgeport location is a mirror image of the Conshohocken original: It has a full menu from chef Justin Henning (opposed to the bites at the tasting room  on Elm Street) but has a tiny, 3-bbl/7-fermenter brewhouse (opposed to the 15-bbl full production brewery).