On Monday, Oct. 24, Inquirer subscribers will find in their papers (and in the digital edition) a copy of "Craig LaBan's Ultimate Dining," a glossy, 52-page, magazine-style book that wraps up the food critic's 25 favorite restaurants, as well as lists such as favorite BYOBs, Chinatown, and Philadelphia classics.

For the book, which represents the consumption of hundreds of meals, LaBan also reassessed his cadre of top "four-bell" restaurants in the region.

Sharp-eyed readers might notice a signature dish from a newly annointed four-bell restaurant on the cover.

Copies are also available by mail, through this link, or in person at the newspaper's offices, 801 N. Market St. (entrance on Eighth Street), from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays ($5.95, cash only).