Marigold Kitchen BYOB in West Philadelphia, whose 10-course avant-garde dining experience is regarded as one of the town's exceptional value splurges at $90, is offering a scaled-down version - six courses for $60.

Chefs/owners Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza offer visual proof of the new offering here. It starts with a dish called Who Spilled the Beans? ("a trio of beans are bound by a delicate white bean puree and seasoned with house bacon before being 'spilled' onto the plate and decorated with a garlic nougatine and wild flowers") and includes a Complete Breakfast ("cured pork belly is breaded with Cheerios and served with a 142-degree egg yolk, toast, and orange marmalade).

Marigold, set up in a corner Victorian house, serves dinner Tuesday through Saturday from 6 p.m.