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Kohlrabi - huh?

Isn't this a beautiful thing? Kohlrabi. Not exactly a household word. Never had it, never bought it, but a friend - whom I call "veggie guru" - gave me some seedlings and they have really taken off. Kohlrabi is German for turnip, which explains why it's often referred to as a "cabbage turnip." Looks like a Sputnik. Kinda weird. But I love the smokey purple color and the stalks coming out and just had to take its raindrop-covered picture. I'm told it tastes like peeled broccoli stalks and is good eaten raw. Tonight we're going to stir-fry the bulb and the greens - the bulb is actually considered an enlarged part of the stalk - with some crunchy brown rice another friend gave us. She had, oh, about 20 pounds in the cellar, leftover from a big party. So tonight we're on the dole. A delicious dole, compliments of the vegetable garden - and a few good friends!