This looks like moss to me, with its funky little spore capsules poking up, enjoying the dampness of a recent weekend in the Wissahickon. The air was raw, the path muddy, nothing in bloom but plenty to see. Up close, this was lots of fun, and pretty interesting to think such a lovely green mat has no real roots. It just needs shade - plenty of that in the Wissahickon, an acid soil and moisture, of which we had beaucoup recently. It's pretty carefree, a popular element in rock gardens and shade gardens and in woodland arrangements. Most gardens are tranquil places (unless you were visiting mine this summer!) but a moss garden is truly a soothing experience. Moss is very soft underfoot - it cries out for bare feet! It's also a buffer for sound and harsh thoughts. No way was I going to get up on this slippery log, but made me feel better just running my hands over this knobby patch.