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Woolly pockets line the walls

Vertical gardening, the "hot new trend" that's been around for awhile now, is taking an interesting turn with products like this one. It's called Wally, the Indoor Living Wall Planter, a virtual "woolly pocket" that you fill with plants. You can buy them with one, three or five pockets, but they're by no means the only dog in the show. This single-pocket version ($41) is one of several vertical arrangements on display at Meadowbrook Farm's revamped gift shop.

Wally's made from 100 percent recycled plastic water bottles. It has soft-sided pockets and is made in the USA, all good. Here it's used indoors, but I guess it could be hung outside, as well, and filled with herbs, succulents, tropicals. At the flower show, I saw one made from a large shoe holder, like the ones you hang on the closet door. It was mounted with screws on a simple wooden fence, but you could attach it to a chain link fence or stone/brick walls and nestle plastic pots right inside the pockets.

Wally has a watering system that won't rot out whatever it's attached to and won't leak, which would be anyone's major concern if the thing's in the house. Sounds fun, and it certainly would be a conversation piece in your dining room - or on the deck.