There's been all this serious talk lately about bar owner Matt Swartz - what with that new million-dollar lawsuit that he faces over unpaid rent and other debts at the now-shuttered Farmers' Cabinet, the latest chapter in a tale of woe that began shortly after he rolled into Philadelphia from Lehigh County in 2010.

At least someone wants to have fun now.

Michael Naessens, who owns Old City's Bierstube, had the good fortune to hire Brody Smythe recently.

Smythe was working as the manager at The Farmers' Cabinet, at 1111-13 Walnut St., on June 18 when a process server attempted to deliver the lawsuit to Swartz or his wife, Colleen.

Neither were in the house, so Smythe signed for the lawsuit.

On Friday, July 25 and Saturday, July 26, Naessens has scheduled an event at Bierstube (206 Market St.) called Swartz N Kegger, whose theme will include jazz, rare beers and old-time cocktails. Basically, Naessens will re-create the vibe at Farmers' Cabinet, which even Swartz's detractors will admit was a fun hangout. (Naessens also created a logo for the event, superimposing Arnold Schwarzenegger's face on top of Swartz's mug shot from his December 2013 arrest, with the line "He'll be back!")

Smythe will be behind the bar from 6 to 9 p.m., and it's pay as you go.

If you print out this Affidavit of Substitute Service (the statement that Smythe signed on the spot when he received the lawsuit on the Swartzes' behalf), and "serve" it to Smythe, you will get a free drink. To make this legal, you also have to donate $3 to Community Legal Services, which took Swartz to court in the past for not paying employees.

Community Legal Services wants to reach out to other employees whose paychecks bounced or who did not receive a paycheck.

Swartz has not returned my message seeking comment.