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A cheesesteak stand where you don't have to stand

Rocco's in Paoli offers a drive-thru.

And to think all these years, you've been driving to a cheesesteak stand, getting out, and walking up to a window.

Rocco Desiderio has opened Rocco's Steaks in the former Tradewinds Drive Thru Coffee shack at 233 W. Lancaster Ave. in Paoli, down the pike from his former restaurant,  Ristorante Verona in Malvern.

No need to get out of the car. Desiderio, who customarily dresses for work in an apron-topped designer suit, works the grill by the window.

Menu features assorted sandwiches (veggie, pork, steak) served on Carangi rolls.

Any puns about "rolls" are way too easy.