Leigh Maida, Brendan Hartranft and Brendan Kelly are continuing their expansionist ways.

The three, who own Memphis Taproom, Local 44, and Strangelove's, are fixing to take over the newly shuttered Best House Pizza at 43rd Street and Baltimore Avenue and install a beer bar called Clarkville.

It's less than four blocks from Local 44, and Clark Park is across the street.

Update (Nov. 13): By email, Maida confirms the deal, adding that a pizza oven and dough mixer came with the space.

"Those items will be put to use immediately in the preparation of a pizza-like offerings. Rounding out the menu will be sides and sides and sides of vegetable and small plates, making family style dining fun, dining alone exciting and (as always) keeping it real for our many vegan and vegetarian guests. The beer on draft will max out at a dozen taps and plans include wine on draft as well. Growlers will be available for home consumption."

They expect to open in late spring.