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Ansill back in Philly

The chef, who bagged Philly last winter, has surfaced at Bar Ferdinand.

Last winter, seeking warmth and personal fulfillment on the north side of age 50, chef David Ansill left Ladder 15 in Center City and relocated to Jamaica.

But the restaurant he joined closed quickly and mysteriously - basically, he said, the owner went on vacation and that was that.

Now he's back in his hometown. Owen Kamihira has brought him in as executive chef at Bar Ferdinand, his Spanish tapas spot at Northern Liberties' Liberties Walk.

Ansill, who's been around the block more than a few times*, says Kamihira and he want to reenergize the place, doing authentic, modern cuisine.

Before developing a foodie following from his now-gone Pif and Ansill Food + Wine, Ansill worked at Serrano, The Continental, Lucy's Hat Shop, Judy's Cafe, and Copa.