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Bam Margera in the hospital

The skater-punk's mother explains why his wife called 911 yesterday.

Skater-punk Bam Margera is in a hospital today, recovering from what his mother, April, calls "severe dehydration."

April Margera told me that Bam's wife, Missy, called 911 on Sunday afternoon to report a "possible overdose." She said that Missy Margera, who was not with Margera at their West Chester home, had spoken to him by phone and that "he was kind of out of it. He had taken an Ambien to make himself go to sleep."

He also had been drinking vodka and beers, she said.

Bam Margera, who turns 30 in September, had been filming the MTV series Nitro Circus on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. "When he works, he forgets to eat and drink, and he was amped up, partying with the guys," his mother said. "He's going to have to talk with somebody about this."

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