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Bon Appétit's favorite chicken?

A little spot at Catharine and Grays Ferry.

June's issue of Bon Appétit mag is out with its "Hot Ten" and it's a rundown of the best places for fried chicken. By design, none is in the South.

Resurrection Ale House (2425 Grays Ferry Ave.) hit it:
"Crispy fried chicken with ice-cold beer is one of the great food-beverage pairings of the world, and this gastropub has exceptional versions of both: lots of locally brewed stuff on tap and twice-fried chicken with a spiced-honey drizzle."

Also named:
Huckleberry / Santa Monica, Calif.
Little Skillet / San Francisco
Big Jones / Chicago
Trina's Starlite Lounge / Somerville, Mass.
Pies 'n' Thighs / Brooklyn
Bar Symon / Avon Lake, Ohio
Pine State Biscuits / Portland, Ore.
Fearing's / Dallas
Cork Market & Tasting Room / Washington, D.C.