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Philly BBQ chef lands a TV series on Food Network

"Bubba" Kolbasowski has landed himself a Food Network series called Bubba-Q.

Some folks go on The Next Food Network Star to seek their TV fame.

For others, the TV show finds them.

I refer to one Robert Kolbasowski, an Austin, Texas-born resident of the Pine Barrens known to all as Bubba.

Last fall, Bubba and business partner Steve Ehrenhalt opened Bubba's BBQ at 19 W. Girard Ave. in Fishtown.

More recently, Bubba landed himself a Food Network series called Bubba-Q that will premiere at 10:30 p.m. Aug. 19. He's under the radar these days, as the show is in production, but Food Network released this description:

Bubba is a Texas-born, Texas-raised good ol' boy who lives and breathes Texas barbecue, but for now, you won't find this grill master in the Lone Star State! Bubba and his family have taken Philadelphia by storm, wowing them with their over-the-top custom grill designs. There is no job too big and no idea too outrageous for Bubba and his crew, as the most unexpected items are masterfully transformed into jaw-dropping, fully-functioning grills.

Turns out, Bubba has left the building. Ehrenhalt says that once Bubba landed the show, he felt that something had to give. Amiable parting. Bubba entrusted his custom-made smoker to new chef Mike Buhles.