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Buzz Bissinger has juice

The Chestnut Hill writer, who puts the **** in Twitter, is a media power, according to Sports Illustrated..

Richard Deitsch of is out with his "Media Power Rankings" for May, and #1 in the land is Buzz Bissinger, the Inquirer columnist, Vanity Fair contributor, author, and screenwriter.

Deitsch lauds Bissinger not so much because of his LeBron James book but because of Bissinger's warm embrace of Twitter, where it's rather easy for Buzz to be Buzz -- as in, you can fit a lot of pithily placed f- bombs in 140 characters.

"It's probably safe to say Bissinger is the only Pulitzer Prize winner on Twitter who uses the term 'douche juice' on a regular basis. He also curses. A lot. And he makes no bleeping apologies for it," Deitsch writes.