For more than a year, the facade at 1025 Arch St. in Chinatown has been clad in plywood as something restaurant-like took shape inside.

Now that the wood has been stripped away to reveal the name - Canton 11 - here are a few details I've sussed out of the owners.

Canton 11 is actually three businesses in one enormous building, and they're aiming at early May for the opening.

Want sushi? Sure. Cantonese food? Yes. Bubble tea? Yep. Karaoke? You're singing their song.

Canton 11 also is none too subtle, boasting what appears to be every building finish known to man.

The main operation is a restaurant serving traditional Cantonese cuisine, dim sum, and cocktails. A dining room will be set up on the street level, while private dining for up to 400 people will be available upstairs in a clevely designed series of rooms that can be opened or closed depending on the size of the crowd. A private dining room in the front (the Arch Street side) will have a 15-seat round table with a motorized lazy Susan to serve food.

On the street level, to the left of Canton 11's front door, will be Chatime, a mod franchise location of the bubble-tea chain. It will have a sushi bar in the rear.

Downstairs in the basement will be Lair KTV, a karaoke lounge with eight rooms, all with killer sound and video systems.

Stay tuned.